Tool for visual modeling and communication
Thanks to self-explanatory diagrams, you can understand the issue intuitively and quickly. Communication through pictures is not only effective and efficient, but also entertaining. By using the uuBML language, you can make both presentation of your own ideas easier and improve communication among people – whether in relation to the company environment (clients, partners, contractors) or within a work team.

Simple modeling language
The ease of use and general attractiveness of the uuBML is underlined by the following three characteristics:
Everyone understands it.
Diagrams drawn in uuBML are intuitively understandable.
Anyone can do it.
You do not need any specialist knowledge to create diagrams and use them.
It looks great.
uuBML is based on image icons in a single graphic style.

Why use visual modeling?
With the help of images, people learn, communicate, solve problems and present their ideas. Communication through images is not only efficient and effective, but it is also fun. People generally 'like' pictures.
Images facilitate repeating problems.
It is easier to understand an area using images and explanatory diagrams than to re-read long texts.
We visually perceive things faster than we read.
And think about them even quicker. Reactions to introduced images and diagrams are almost instantly intuitive.
Clear and precises schemes “simplify” our view of the situation. They facilitate the presentation of ideas and improve communication between people. We would like to make one thing that is understood by different people in the same way. The aim is to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding.
Metamodel of uuBML Language
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uuBML is able to describe various objects, situations, their links and relations
Visual modelling helps arrange, specify, develop and document the structure and behaviour of the described objects. It is advisable to use uuBML, for example, for a description of business relationships, visualization of guidelines or presentation of working procedures. The modelling language uuBML is used for the Unicorn Universe development, for work on the Unicorn Universe Process methodology, as well as for communication with customers - in offers and in technical documentation.
Web unit structure
Process decomposition of People process
(in terms of methodology, UUP)
Selected icons from uuBML
Employee loyalty
Product decomposition of People process
(in terms of methodology, uuP)
Basic characteristics of the artifact
Analytical view of employee data records
Company environment
The principle of investment
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