Object-oriented opearting system of virtual super computer
Unicorn Universe Operating System is a universal platform for development and operation of comprehensive information systems. It enables the management of all business processes, facilitates communication, supports administration and sharing of various types of information and develops cooperation between people or the entire organizational entities.
Unicorn Universe Operating System
“Our new system should be a kind of operation system in a virtual supercomputer available over the Internet, which instead of files, works with objects and still meets product attributes according to my ideas – quality, image and effectivity. The system, therefore, will be capable of being used, people will be happy to work with it and customers will pay about the same as they pay to use their mobile phones.”
"In addition, because my employees like services which can be used not only for business, but also for personal things, the system must satisfy companies and individuals alike."

Vladimír Kovář, entrepreneur of the year 2008, owner of Unicorn Group, principle business architect Unicorn Universe
Key ideas of the system
Although the technology for building the Unicorn Universe service is constantly evolving, the key ideas remain. Their accuracy is verified by many years of experience. The system has been developed since 1998. We have analyzed different approaches, testing and formulating key axioms which such a tool should respect. We have built something that we ourselves needed and that was missing from the market.
Almost every idea that we place among the basic requirements for Unicorn Universe can be found in other systems with a certain amount of tolerance. However, it is very difficult to find a system that fulfills all of these ideas at once. Or at least some significant part of them.
Right now the use of approximately 500 ideas are seen as the strength of the Unicorn Universe service. These strengths are then used in every information system created and operating in Unicorn Universe platform.
Get to know more about some of the important requirements that the system meets.

All important information is in the system
A key prerequisite for the useability of any information system. Timely, accurate and complete information is necessary for management. Unicorn Universe is designed so that it is possible to store virtually any information (text, files, structured data), to share and use for management. The information is saved in the system in the form of artifacts and their components.
Artefact is the key object and carrier of information in the systems based on the Unicorn Universe platform. You can imagine it as a “smart” document through which it is possible to save, manage and organize any item of information.
All the information in the system is either the property of a person or an organization
Accordingly, it is possible to access such information. Employees like services which can be used not only for business, but also for personal things. If you are using an information system in your business it is easy to use the same principles for managing your personal life.
Someone is responsible for each piece of information
This is one way to avoid obsolescence and inaccuracy of information in the system. For each piece of information there is a person who is responsible for its accuracy.
All information is placed in organizational units and folders
“Order is better than disorder.” Order increases efficiency. Information is stored in the system according to the actual organizational structure. It is understandable and transparent.
All information is associated with its relative activities
The managed information (what it is necessary to do) is always associated with factual information (with what it is supposed to work). For each task it is obvious, at first sight, what is related to it.
All information has a template
Templates define the appearance, related activities and processes. Information that should be identical all look the same and the processes occur in the same way. Therefore there is more energy to deal with non-standard problems.
Everything can be connected
Reality is difficult and reciprocal bonds to information are important. Most information system can only store predefined relationships. In Unicorn Universe it is possible to interconnect all information and continue working with these connections further. In this way the system creates a virtual image of the actual relationships in the company.
People and access rights
People access the system in roles
It is good to separate people and their know-how, rights and responsibilities. Each person takes a position (role) – in the company as in the system. From this stem the access rights and responsibilities for documents and tasks. Changing a person in a role automatically transfers all rights and responsibilities. This facilitates dynamic changes in the organizational structure and substitution in the case of absence or replacement employees.
Every employee can get to the information they need, but can not get to the that which they don't need
Information in the system is stored according to the actual organizational structure. It is understandable and transparent. The organizational structure can be dynamically changed as the business requires. Basic access rights are derived from the organizational structure and their settings are made by the management of the company, not by the will of IT administrators.
Everything can be automated
Everything, which can be undertaken in the Business Territory via the user interface and lots more, can be automated through scripting and the application interface. Therefore each process can be customized to a specific customer's needs. This also provides room for implementation partners, who prepare specialized industry solutions on the UU platform, combining the general properties of Unicorn Universe with specific substantive know-how.
The system is controlled by managers, not administrators
IT departments should not be in the position of those that grant access rights to documents or set processes.
A system must be accessible at anytime, from anywhere
The tendency now is that information system are trending towards cloud solutions. Business and people want to use information systems, not deal with their installation, operation and maintenance.
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