Universal Methodology for Companies and Organizations Management
Unicorn Universe Process is a methodology for the management of all business processes with direct support of the corporate information system built over the Unicorn Universe platform. The methodology is based on the ideas which have been applied by Unicorn in the area of management for more than 20 years and which have been handed down as unique know-how well-proven by long-term practice.
Core and support business processes

The basic scheme for the Unicorn Universe Process methodology
The Unicorn Universe Process methodology breaks down the functioning of every business undertaking into twelve areas. For each area, the methodology defines core ideas, recommended procedures and, in particular, a set of methodological regulations ready for the Unicorn Universe environment. The methodological regulations are independent of one another, meaning that you can introduce the support for individual areas independently:
Core processes
Support processes
Expansion and development
Sysem and support
Compare your approach with ours. Into how many process areas can you break down your business? It is a rule that every process in any business can be classified into some of the aforementioned process areas. It is always necessary to find the right transformation between individual approaches.
Five Fingers Strategy
The business activity of any company or organization can be represented by the fingers on one hand. It is not so much important what you sell. What matters is the way in which you think about your products or services. You can build a house, develop software, produce cars or be the owner of a hairdresser's. Based on our approach, you have to do the following (to follow a sort of “Happy Day Scenario” of business activity):
  1. Build a Vision or realize what you wish, what you are doing and how you are doing it. The point is that you must know the context of the entire business activity well and map all relations
    associated with the product or service you offer.
  2. Motivate Market or teach the market what is good. Above all, have the market for your product well mapped, then, influence the opportunities present on the market actively to make them advantageous for your product.
  3. Sell It - in other words, realize the sale as such - get to know your client, take every opportunity to win a contract successfully on the win-win basis.

  4. Deliver It or manufacture, build, implement and produce it. Build on your well-proven procedures and previous experience - it is useful to have one’s own methodology of production and have it documented.
  5. Care, in other words: take care of your business environment with a goal to secure long-term prosperity. You have be on good terms with your business partners, build up your reputation, keep up your product and test that your client is really using it and is satisfied with it (here, for example, we are convinced that the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are not sufficient as it is necessary to manage relationships with the entire business community - customers, suppliers, business partners, ...).
Five Finger Strategy
Based on the aforementioned principle, we say that we implement five key processes in the business: Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Production, Care. The Core Processes create added value for the benefit of the end client. The Support Processes then improve the conditions for the life and functioning of the business. They do not participate in the added value process directly but they are necessary for long-term and effective functioning. The purpose of the Support Processes is to support the aforementioned Core Processes. We identify the following seven Support Processes: Management, Expansion & Development, People, Finance, Property, Know-How, System and Support. Unlike other methodologies, we do not include Management in the Core Processes - who, in your opinion, has a company for the purpose of managing something? The most important thing for the company is to generate value.

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